A dining table full of various meals in Mortimer's Lounge at Pullman Albert Park


Lake views set the scene for dining at Windows Restaurant with a menu that celebrates Australia’s best ingredients from some of the country’s leading suppliers. A chic and casual destination to meet and create stories with a great drink in hand at Mortimer's Lounge. And at Espresso Café, French-inspired pastries and barista blends enrich conversation and inspire collaboration.

People cheering beverages by a dining table with arranged meals in Mortimer's Lounge at Pullman Albert Park


Rediscover this Melbourne address that’s simultaneously chic and casual, where Melbourne-ians and travellers meet to create stories. Mortimer’s is known for its relaxed atmosphere and gin cocktails.

Close-up of various dishes arranged on a table at Pullman Albert Park

In-room Dining

Guests choosing to dine within the comforts of their room have access to a in room dining experience.

Dining table arrangements in Windows Restaurant with carpeted floors at Pullman Albert Park

Windows Restaurant

Front desk by the lounge area in Cafe at Pullman Albert Park


Step into our hotel cafe, an elegant haven at the center of our premises, offering finely crafted coffee, exquisite teas, and an enticing selection of pastries within a warm yet refined ambiance.