Why You Should Mix Business With Pleasure

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We’ve all heard the adage to ‘not mix business with pleasure’, but we are here to give you 5 reasons why mixing in a bit of leisure time before or after your Melbourne business meeting can definitely be a good thing.

 Brain wake up 

Depending on what the meeting or training course is about, you might be there in body but not in mind. While a cup of tea or coffee might be your usual ‘go to’ method to wake up your brain for a morning meeting; stretching your legs and getting out in the fresh air can be even more effective.

We say – take a walk in Albert Park, or better still, go for a run or a jog. Why not have a quick run with some colleagues to get your brain ticking.

Team building

Sometimes a ‘team building day’ can feel a little forced and your team might not always respond the way you want to. But some down time before or after a meeting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get to know the team and show a little extra appreciation for their hard work.

We say – plan a group visit to Eureka Skydeck for a shared experience that will get your team talking.

 Happy workers are productive workers

Research shows that happiness can increase productivity by up to 12%, whereas unhappiness with workers can decrease productivity by 10%. The solution? Do something fun before a seminar or training course.

We say –plan a round of golf at the Albert Park Golf Course, even total novices will have fun and enjoy some fresh air in a beautiful setting. The real bonus is that a little bit of exercise, even walking between holes, increases endorphins and increases happiness.

Your best performance 

So you’ve got to make that all important business pitch and the pressure is just too much? One of the best ways to calm your nerves is pre-speech preparation in a calm environment. So chill out, re-read your notes and focus on something positive.

We say – take some time out at Espresso Bar and enjoy some coffee and cake while you do a read through of your speech.

Take the working out of networking 

Business is sometimes more about who you know than what you know. But in reality, meeting the right people to help your business grow can be a major challenge. Make sure you choose a venue that is close to some amazing bars, eateries or cool tourist attractions. Why not check them out the night before and then after your seminar put the word out? A drink with a few colleagues and one or two network ‘targets’ is always going to be more memorable than a quick chat over coffee and biscuits.

We say – if you’re looking to impress then book a table or two at Windows Restaurant for dining that will do the talking for you.

Make It Happen

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park has 31 versatile event spaces and is located in the middle of it all. Top eateries? We’ve got it. Bars that everyone’s talking about? Yep, right around the corner and on the premises. Attractions that are actually worth a visit? We’re right next to beautiful Albert Park and within a short walk or car ride from the best attractions in Melbourne.

So, book a meeting and plan something fun before or after (maybe even both!) It’s about time that we started to mix pleasure with our business.