What’s on in Melbourne

When booking accommodation at Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park, be sure to consult our “Concierge Guide to Victoria” to learn more about fun tourist activities, attractions and things to do during your visit.

When planning your stay at our hotel near St Kilda, find out more about what’s on in Melbourne through monthly updates from our Chief Concierge Rhett Constantine.


There is so much to see and do in the World's Most Liveable city. So we’ve given you a guide to make sure you get to explore this great city like a local.

Because our guests want more than a fluffy robe and room service, we handpicked a team of experts to show you the ultimate experiences around our hotel. We call this our playground. 

Discover the latest restaurants & cafes, find the best coffee, art galleries and more. Whatever you choose, you can explore more with Pullman. 

Start exploring our local favourites ahead of your stay at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, or make a different city selection to uncover other 13 vibrant Pullman playgrounds across Australia.